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Lolita -  Facial & Skin Therapist, Body Massage, and Reiki
  O'Haira's Salon & Day Spa
46900 Cedar Lake Plaza
   Sterling, VA 20164
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                          Massage Service

      Classsic Massage
       Great for men and women. Swedish massage has been used for years to soothe tired muscles, improve skin and muscle           Tone while incresing circulation, long strokes and invigorating kneading techniques achive the most relaxing effects                    Imaginable.............................30min/$55, 60min/$85

        Specially trained massage aromatherapy. Relaxing and therapeutic, essential oils are applied to the skin to relieve sore            muscles, while relaxing and calming your body. Perfect for de-stressing........ ...........................................Upon Request

     Advance Massages
     Deep tissue
           Great for men and women. This techniques is vigorously performed to help release chronic pain. Slow penetrating                  Strokes and deep finger pressure are used on targeted muscle ares to easy pain ..........................30min/$65, 60 min/$95

     Experience the magic of aromotherapy. Relaxing and therapeutic, essential oils are applied to the skin to relieve sore                Muscle while relaxing and calming your body. Perfect for de-stressing..................... .....................30min/$55, 60min/$90

   Express Seated Chair Massage.......15min/$20
Spa Services
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  All our professional treatments are subject to a comprehensive skin analysis to help establish your customized program. This will also help in your beauty prescription follow up program at home. Good treatments are even better when they are properly recommended. Certain procedures shouldn’t be performed during a facial treatment, i.e. if a client is pregnant, diabetic, recovering from cancer or suffers from a heart condition (high frequency, vacuum, essential oils, etc.)

Facial Treatments

Youthful Renewal Facial$ 125

Aging is the loss of the body’s ability to rebuild and repair itself. This treatment gives mature skin the boost that it needs to regain its radiance. Features an alpha hydroxyl peel to exfoliate and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. After the massage, a replenishing collagen masque is applied leaving your skin revitalized, soft, and smooth. For maximum results, this facial is recommended every 3 to 4 weeks, and a special at-home care program is essential.

ProZyme Clearing Facial$ 125

Designed to clear clogged pores and reduce acne and blemishes, the pharmaceutical grade enzymes eliminate only skin debris, and when done under steam, helps to prepare the skin for extraction. This is followed by a pressure point massage with cool beauty gloves. An algae soft mask is applied. This masque contains natural clays that pull excess oils and impurities out. For maximum results, this facial is recommended every 3 weeks and a special at-home care program is essential.

Enlighten Facial$ 125

This treatment was created to address the hyperpigmentation and uneven skin color that increases with age. A two-step exfoliation is included, followed by topical products that are infused with vitamin C. This allows for better  penetration of the skin with a host of antioxidants and lightening agents. The end result is overall resurfacing. For maximum results, a series of glycolic acid peels are recommended every 7-10 days between the facials, and a special at-home care program is necessary.

UltraLuxe 4 Layer Facial$ 125

  Effective for all ages and skin types. This treatment is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and moisture while eliminating toxins. This helps improve skin-tone and texture while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. This facial delivers instant results, and younger looking skin. This treatment is not recommended for clients with shellfish allergies.

Sea Creation Facial$ 124

  A luxurious free radical-fighting treatment strengthens the skin’s natural defenses against damage caused by stress and environmental factors. After the face is cleansed and exfoliated, the skin is massaged with a C-Rich serum that stimulates new cell formation and helps strengthen the skin’s barrier. This is followed by a detoxifying peel-off masque, rich with vitamin C.

Rosacea Facial$ 124

  This great treatment is especially designed for your skin condition. The products contain anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. These work to relieve redness and heal blemishes. After the skin is cleansed and exfoliated, extractions are performed as needed. A gentle calming massage is performed with cool beauty gloves. A therapeutic refresh masque is applied, to finish with a toner and moisturizer.

Chocolate Delight Facial$ 125

  This unique treatment sounds good enough to eat. It is customized according to your complexion type and is packed with nutrients, and vitamins essential to fighting the signs of aging. Cocoa has a high content of antioxidants and bioflavonoids, these molecules neutralize free radicals by donating one of their own electrons. In addition, Cocoa butter has moisturizing properties, leaving your skin beautifully hydrated, tone, and protected from free radicals.

Gentlemen’s Invigorating Facial$ 122

  Ideal in helping to relieve business stress, as well as to help you relax while being pampered. This facial is customized to your particular skin complexion. Impurities are exfoliated and extracted. This deep cleansing treatment helps to alleviate ingrown hairs and razor burns. The products are complemented with an invigorating massage. This nourishing facial concludes with the application of a detoxifying masque and personalized moisturizer.

Glycolic Acid Peel $ 60

  This is a natural compound made from sugar cane or fruits. It breaks down the glue-like bonds that hold dead cells to the skin’s surface, clearing the skin for new, healthy cells. This compound effectively treats the appearance of dry, rough, scaly skin, and brown spots caused by age and sun damage. This 30 minutes treatment offers better results by receiving 6-8 sessions over 6-8 week period.

Eye Treatment $ 20

The perfect addition to any of our facial treatment. Improve the signs of fatigue (puffy eyelids and dark circles) with this eye treatment designed to decongest the eye ducts and regulating the blood circulation. 

Lip Treatment$ 15

   Add this rejuvenating lip treatment to any of our facials. Will nourish, smooth fine lines, and plumps up the lips.

Progressive ProPeel$ 298

   A four-level safe medium depth chemical peel containing a combination of lactic, salicylic, and citric acids plus tricloroacetic acid (TCA) combined with natural moisturizer. TCA jumpstarts skin rejuvenation, dramatically improves the appearance of lines, acne, and blotchy pigmentation. For optimal results, precondition the skin with one of Vivant Systems between 4-8 weeks prior to the peel. A series of four to six ProPeels is recommended for maximum effectiveness. The more ProPeels you have, the better your complexion will appear.

Progressive ProPeel w/Décolté$ 348


Glycolic                  $ 30
Collagen Mask     $ 25
Vitamin “C” Mask       $ 25

Body Waxing

Brow maintenance     $20
Brow re-shaping $25
Lip                           $12
Chin                        $14
Sideburns             $16
Bikini                      $35 +
Brazilian                $55 +
Full Leg                 $75
Half Leg                 $43
Full Arm                 $52
Half Arm                $28
Underarm              $25
Back Wax             $45 +
Eyelash Tint         $25
Eyebrow Tint       $20
Threading Services   $10 +

Professional Make-Up Application

Day or Evening Makeup application    $ 75
Bridal Makeup application              $ 85
Bridal Makeup Try-out                     $ 65
Makeup Lesson                                 $ 85

Mini Radiance Facial  $58
   This effective treatment is ideal to treat your face prior to makeup application, to give your skin an instant natural radiance. The skin is cleanse and exfoliated under the steam, follow by a personalized masque and moisturizer. Massage and extractions are not part of this treatment.

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